Nanyo AcademyEdit

Hakufu SonsakuEdit

Mouki has a high amount of respect for Hakufu after watching her easily defeat a group of thugs that attempted to kill Gentoku. Mouki decides to become Hakufu's disciple and as a result the two form a strong bond.

Koukin ShuuyuEdit

Mouki does not seem to like Koukin at all in contrast to her admiration for Hakufu, often calling him "goldfish poop". However she does seem to listen to the insightful things Koukin says. She thought that Koukin is powerless but later get amazed of his power. She also realise Koukin crush over Hakufu and think that he is her boyfriend. She appears to hate Koukin but deep inside she had a mild crush over him. She gets soft to Koukin after seeing his true strength and power.

Seito AcademyEdit

Gentoku RyuubiEdit

Mouki got along with Gentoku after she found her lying in the streets and she took her back to Seito. Mouki also attempted to defend Gentoku from a group of thugs (albeit unsuccessfully), until the intervention of Hakufu Sonsaku.

Kyosho AcademyEdit

Chuukou KyochoEdit

The two are initially enemies when Mouki enters the school with intent on killing Sousou Moutoku for the death of her brother, but after Nanyo, Seito and Kyosho are captured and the two are the only ones to escape, they become friends.