Bonsoku Ukin
Ukin up-close
Kana 于禁 文则
Romaji Ukin Bonsoku
Gender Male
Age 17
Successor Yu Jin
School Kyoshou Gakuin
Status Alive
First Appearance
Anime Debut Episode 15
Voice Actor
Seiyu Hajime Iijima (Japanese)
Bill Timoney (English)

Bunsoku Ukin was a third of Kyosho academy, under Sousou's rule. He seems proficient in the use of a three section staff as he is shown using it in all of his fights.


Bunsoku Ukin is a tall atheletic man, who is bald. He has a very light tan, and is only seen wearing a black traditional Chinese clothing, with a unique design curling on the right side of his shoulder.


Bunsoku has shown to be a very big pervert, as he chose to only comment on Kan-u's cleaveage and nothing else while in confrontation with her, aiming only to see what was under her shirt. He has also shown to be a coward and a cheat, as he tried to attack Kan-u from behind after she was kind enough to spare his life in the first place. Bunsoku is also very arrogant, much like most former members of Yoshu academy, actually saying that he was enough to take down Kan-u and even tried to take on Sousou when he didn't get his way.

Story (Anime)Edit

Ikkitousen: Dragon DestinyEdit

Bonsoku is first seen attacking Seito academy, more specifically attacking its leader Gentoku Ryuubi. He attacks Kan-u with his three-sectioned staff, where he comments on Kan-u and Gentoku's big breasts. Kan-u refused to give up Gentoku to anyone and a battle ensues. Bunsoku tries to fight Kan-u, but his staff is easily broken by her without her giving much effort. Bunsoku then tries to convince Kan-u to spare him after she revealed her Green Dragon Blade and announced the honor he'd bare from dying by it. Bunsoku then used a hidden staff to deflect Kan-u's attack and was beaten instead of killed because Kan-u believed his blood was not worthy of the honor of being on her blade.

He returns back to Kyosho, informing his leader, Sousou, of his teams loss at Seito academy. As Kaku tried explaining the event to Sousou, Ukin butted in an promised to go back and defeat Kan-u, commenting that he would grab her by her boobs. Before he could even finish his sentence, Sousou killed Ukin for his failure.


Three-Sectioned Staff: Bunsoku has been shown to be at least proficient in the use of a three-sectioned staff as he was able to confidently use them to fight against Kan-u.


  • Unlike his predecessor, Ukin isn't known as one of Kyosho's best fighters.


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