Dragon Jade

The dragon jade is activated

Users Koumei Shokatsuryou
Current Possessor None
Previous Possessor Seito Academy
Kyosho Academy


The Dragon Jade is an ancient powerful Chinese Artifact. It is very legendary in the world of Ikkitousen, and very powerful, as it is said to be the only thing in the entire world, that has the power to actually change the fates given to fighters.


The dragon jade has a spherical form, that is usually shining a rainbow like color, showing colors of all lights that is usually seen in a rainbow, mixing them together. A dragon also entangles the orb.


Seal: The dragon jade has shown to have very high sealing properties, as it was able to stop and seal the evil spirit lying within Sousou Motouku.

Release: The dragon jade has also shown that it is capable of relelasing the dragon inside someone, as seen multiple times through out the series.


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