Hakugen Rikuson
Kana Name 陸遜 伯言
Romaji Name Rikuson Hakugen
Gender Female
Age 14
School Nanyo Academy
Gogun Academy (Former)
Seiyu Mikako Takahashi (Japanese),
Erika Weinstein (English)
Anime Debut Episode 23

Background Edit

It seems as though Hakugen has been training with Chouku, and had made friends with Ukitsu somewhere, during that time. It also is shown that she knew about Hakufu's Dragon.

Appearance Edit

Hakugen is a pale girl, orange, eyes who circular wears glasses. Hakugen has black which she ties to up on the back of her head. She also is seen wearing a red and white track jacket, as well as brown spandex, as well as red and white track shirt.

Personality Edit

Not much is shown of her personality, but it seems that she is a very kind girl, who also seems to care about her fellow school memebers, worrying about Ukitsu battle with Hakufu.

Story (Anime) Edit

Ikkitousen: Dragon DestinyEdit

Hakugen is first seen, watching Chouko, and Ukitsu train Hakufu Sonsaku, to control her dragon at the mountain waterfall. She is seen, showing concern for Ukitsu, knowing that she may well die. Hakugen then watches as, Ukitsu stops Shiryuu from cutting a newly mastered dragon, by Hakufu, costing her the rest of her energy.

Hakugen is then seen paying her respects, to Ukitsu, revealing that Ukitsu had died training Hakufu in her dragon. Chokou then tells Hakugen that it is time that she went to Nanyo.

Trivia Edit

  • Bust: 68cm - Waist: 52 - Hips: 76


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