Houtoku Reimei
Gender Female
Successor Pang De
School Ryoshu High
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 4.5
Voice Actor

Houtoku, like her ancestor, is in charge of protecting Bachou. Somewhere along the line Houtoku had became not only the strongest fighter in the school, but also its leader.


Houtoku is a beautiful young highschool girl, with long dark, back length hair, and is only seen in her school outfit.


Not much is known about her personality but it seems that she is a very loyal person, to her friends, and seems to care about her comrades, even trying to help defend Kansui when fighting against Ritsu.

Story (Manga)Edit

Bachou Mouki Introductory ArcEdit

Houtoku is first seen fighting a bunch of fighters with the help of Bunyaku Kansui, and are able to fend them off, with relative ease. Houtoku then points out that Bachou Mouki is missing, which causes Kansui to panic and look for her.

After Houtoku and Kansui are able to find Bachou, they are seen up the roof, of Ryoshu Academy, togeather, talking about Bachou, stating that Bachou was the only born child of the Mouki family, and that she inherited the gem from her father. Their conversation is then interrupted by Ritsu Buntatsu, who had gained the magatama of Ryofu, the most powerful fighter in the three kingdoms era. Koutoku and Kansui desperately try to fend him off, but to no avail, as the latter were easily overpowered. As Ritsu was about to finish them off, Bachou interrupts, and do to the danger of her attacker, as Houtoku explains it, Bachou's hidden power is released and she is able to take out Ritsu pretty easily, albeit at the cost of the Gyokuji.