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Ikkitousen is loosely based on the ancient Chinese light novel, Romance of the three Kingdoms, following the adventures of Hakufu Sonsaku, the main heroine of Ikkitousen. The story starts with Hakufu going to school, being practically forced to be someone she is not, having to attend flower arranging class and failing miserably at it. She is then met with her first actual fighter, who she follows outside. She is able to defeat the fighter quite easily, causing her mother, to transfer her to Nanyo, where she meets a wide sortment of other fighters, both big and small. This in turn sparks the story of the young buxom heroine, who wants to be the top ranked fighter, having no actual knowledge of her actions being controlled by fate itself.

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Ikkitousen Extravaganza Epoch - Promotional Video-2

New Ikkitousen Promo video for the upcoming OVA. Watch and enjoy as another Ikkitousen tale unfolds, who are these new characters, are all of them good or bad, what will happen to our buxom heroine, Hakufu, and her friends.

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Unchou Kan-u initially appears in two episodes to fight with Ryomou and Hakufu (including Hakufu's dragon-mode). Kanu's over-confidence led to her arm being broken by Ryomou. She then gets serious and beats off Ryomou using only her legs and still manages to win a second the fight against Hakufu while she was in her dragon state. Kanu was expected to win the toushi tournament before she unexpectedly forfeits after her fight against Hakufu.


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