Koshaji profile pic
Kana Name 胡車兒
Gender Female
Age 15
School Yoshu Academy
Seiyu Hitomi Nabatame
Julie Francis
Anime Debut Episode 15

Background Edit

She had became a first year Yoshu academy student, somewhere after the events of season 1 of Ikkitousen.

Appearance Edit

Koshaji, is a young, girl, with short white hair, and is seen wearing the Yoshuu private school uniform, gray vest, white collared shirt underneath, black and gray skirt, knee high socks, and a pair of brown loafers. She also has a red tattoo on the bottom of her left eye.

Personality Edit

Not much is shown of Koshaji personality, but it is shown that she has an unaffectionate personality, showing so by only going after her target, Sousou, and not caring of what happened of her other team mates, who were knocked unconscious.

Story (Anime) Edit

Ikkitousen: Dragon DestinyEdit

Koshaji is sent to kill Sousou while he was injured from a gang battle. During her pursuit of Sousou she fights and is able to defeat Kakouton by piercing his eye with a secret pin she spit from her mouth. This caused Sousou to unleash his Dragon and defeat her easily. Once defeated Koshaji is grabbed by the head by Sousou who then smashed her face into a wall, killing her instantly.


Trivia Edit

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