Housen Ryofu
Housen Ryofu
Kana Name 呂布 奉先
Romaji Name Ryofu Hōsen
Gender Female
Measurement B91-W58-H90 cm
Age 19
Status Deceased (Manga)

Deceased (Anime)

Date of Birth October 28th, (Scorpio)
Blood Type AB
Successor Lu Bu
School Rakuyo high school
Height 166 cm
Family None
Seiyu Akeno Watanabe (Japanese)
Robin Rhodpa (English)
Anime Debut Episode 3

Background Edit

Ryofu Hosen is a strong fighter with a very promiscuous personality and a habit for dressing skimpy. She was very skilled at making chi-blasts, and a very powerful fighter, but was afflicted with a deadly illness that would kill her before adulthood. Now she hopes to try and fight not only destiny but her illness as well.

Appearance Edit

Ryofu has green hair which is always tied into pig tails, and is mostly seen wearing her Rakuyo school uniform which consists of a short skirt, leather blazer, knee high socks, and brown shoes.

Personality Edit

Ryofu is very perverted as she enjoyed taking advantage of Ryomou, and even leisurely commenting how much she enjoyed having Saji touch her, as well as groping Hakufu simply for fun. Although she is very courageous, and caring to her friends, as she was willing to fight an entire gang of Rakuyo personel just to save her friend Chinkyuu.

Story (Anime) Edit


Ryofu is first seen going up against Saji, after a meeting with Toutaku did not end in his favor. She is able to easily defeat Saji, but it is revealed that she had spared him, instead of killing him like she was ordered to by Toutaku.

She is then seen going against Ryomou and is able to defeat her, after goading her into a battle against her, by paralyzing her. She takes advantage of the situation and begins to play with her sexually. She then leaves encouraging Ryomou to come and fight her by entering and getting to the finals of the Great fighters tournament.

After Toutaku's turn around, in not going all the way through the great fighters tournament, Ryofu and Chinkyuu rebels against Rakuyo academy. Ryofu later returns to Rakuyo, after learning Chinkyuu had tried to take the jewel for Ryofu's sake, to find Chinkyuu in a near death state causing Ryofu to beat up the people who had put Chinkyuu in a near death state.

After Chinkyuu passes away, Ryofu goes to Rakuyo highschool determined to defy fate and kill Toutaku. She is forced to fight Hakufu instead, and loses after Hakufu turns into her dragon state. She is however still able to defy fate, by killing both herself and Toutaku, using a technique she had learned from her previous session with her master at the fighters spa.


  • Ryofu is considered the strongest female fighter in both the manga and the anime, especially in the anime, where she is rarely ever bested by the other fighters.
    • In Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Lu Bu, who Ryofu is reincarnated from, was considered the strongest warrior.

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