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Unchou Kan-u
Kan'u Prof
Kana Name (關羽 雲長)
Romaji Name Kan'u Unchou
  • Goddess of War
  • Kan-san
Gender Female
Age 19
Status Alive
Date of Birth November 8
Blood Type A
Successor Guan Yu
School Seito Academy
Weight B-94 W-60 H-91
Seiyu Japanese (Hitomi Nabatame)
(English) Carol Jacobamis


Kan-u unchou is the strongest fighter in Seito academy and in the whole manga.  She is seen carrying her reienkyou at all times. The reienkyo is nearly indestructable and it carries a lot of chi.  Kan-u defeated Chou-un in the manga.  She in now hell but can be revived.

Kan-u is a busty fighter who has fought many people.  Her breasts are the second biggest in the anime (Gentoku's being the biggest).  Her hair is purple and extremely long reaching her feet.  Her eyes are a mix of light gray and blue. She usually wears the Seito uniform which she changed it a bit.  Her shirt is only half way of her body.  She wears a short mini skirt and long socks.    

Unchou Kan-u appears in two episodes to fight with Ryomou and Hakufu (including Hakufu's dragon-mode). Kanu's over-confidence led to her arm being broken by Ryomou. She then gets serious and beats off Ryomou using only her legs and still manages to win a second fight against Hakufu while the other girl was in her dragon state. Kanu was expected to win the toushi tournament before she unexpectedly forfeits after her fight against Hakufu. Animation-wise, this Kanu shows both her eyes, which is a totally different hairstyle/look compared to the manga and second season. The blade part of her weapon was never shown in the first series. The Seito school color also appears to be teal instead of blue.

She is voiced by Hiroe Oka in season 1 and Hitomi Nabatame in the Dragon Destiny (Japanese) She is voiced by Erica Shaffer in season 1 and Janet Baywood in the Dragon Destiny (English)

In Ikki Tousen Dragon Destiny, Kanu is similar to the manga version in terms of appearance. Like her predecessor in Romance of the Three Kingdoms, she is one of the pivotal characters in the events of the series, as she lives her destiny as Ryubi's protector and as one of the strongest toushi alive. Being the main character in this sequel, Kanu's invincibility was played down to make her character more believable; she wasn't portrayed as strong as compared to the manga and the first anime series. Kanu is less flirty, less confident, insecure, and her intentions towards Ryuubi are more obvious. She even admits her love for Ryuubi to Koukin. Similar to all female characters, during fights the majority of her clothes are either removed or destroyed.

When she sides with Sousou and with Hakufu looking to challenge Sousou to a fight, Kanu accepts the fight on her behalf. She is seen with a new dark, yet still revealing costume, possibly acting as a metaphor for defecting to Kyosho's evil leader. However, Kanu's loyalty to Ryuubi doesn't shake nor does her superiority over other toushi (as Chou-un pointed out and later proven by Kanu herself when she broke free of her handcuffs under her own power, she could have just left Kyosho if she wanted to). She made it clear to Kakouton that she will kill Sousou if he attempts to assault Seito or harm Ryubi in anyway. She was told to leave Kyosho by Kakouton and she returned to her own school. However she takes Chou-un's advice to stay away from Ryubi, allowing Ryubi to blossom as Seito's leader. She returned at the Battle of Chibi to protect Ryubi. At the end of the series Kanu is still with Ryubi, as her guardian and close friend. A joke at the end has Ryubi recommending Kanu to read a book called Ikki Tousen. The book is meant to be Romance Of the Three Kingdoms, which the series is based on.

She is the spiritual reincarnation of the Shu general Guan Yu.


Seiryutō (青龍偃月刀 lit. "Holy Dragon Blade")
Guan Yu's legendary Green Dragon Crescent Blade, accurately depicted and carried by Kanu at all times. Supposedly made of jewel rather than metal, this may in fact be allegory, as a particularly high-quality type of steel in Japan is known as tamahagane, or "jewel steel". Extremely powerful and possessing massive chi, it was melted during a battle against Ryuubi's dragon 3 years prior to the start of the series, but was apparently repaired at some point.


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